Parking Lot Capital Campaign

Parking Lot Capital Campaign

The Parking Lot & Rain Garden Project 2017

We have a LOT to do!

About the Project

Our campus serves us well in so many ways, and when one aspect needs building up, St. Michael’s does it! Six years ago we added a Christian Education wing, a Music Center, and beautiful new narthex entry in which to gather, as well as a Gathering Room, a brightly ringing bell and a thriving rain garden. Now it is time to attend to improving our difficult parking area and install ecologically responsible drainage. The cost of this project is projected to be $435,000 and we are excited that we can begin this capital campaign with $150,000 from some significant and generous lead gifts.

Why this is time to do this?

This growing and thriving congregation needs more space! Our present 65-year-old gravel lot has served us well, with its 51 spaces. We are now over capacity most Sundays mornings at the 11:00 AM service, and at all fellowship gatherings, holy days, weddings, and funerals. Safety is a great concern too, and constantly recurring potholes are a tripping hazard for even the most agile among us. Maintenance of our lot includes yearly additions of gravel and frequent repair of potholes, which we are seeing return within weeks of each repair.

Scope and Plan

The site plan to add 52 parking spaces at the northwest entrance & the south end of the lot. This work is designed for a two month Summer 2017 span, with as much work done by St. Michael’s as is safely feasible. Our existing gravel is retained for regrading, a water collection system will be created, and the reserved fill dirt from our 2011 building project gets utilized for the two areas of expanded parking. The plan keeps tree removal at an absolute minimum, and will not take away our lovely woodsy feel. After grading, the expanded lot will be paved, six additional light poles will be added with brighter light and greater reach, curbs are added around tree and flower beds, and our existing parking bumpers will be reinstalled. Our own volunteers will work on plantings, including the addition of many new trees.

Ready to take action? We have a LOT to do!