Parking Lot Capital Campaign: FAQ

Parking Lot Capital Campaign: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is this?
The vestry knows this is part of fulfilling St. Michael’s larger vision, and our call to accommodate growth and welcome those who come. Every vote along the way has been unanimous.

How much parking will this give us?
We will grow from 51 spaces to 103 parking spaces, including more accessible ones. All spaces will be 9-feet wide, even those spaces marked “compact”—this is spacious compared to more commercial parking lots.

Will this mean we lose our lovely woods?
Absolutely not! This design expands our parking while removing as few trees as possible. Architect Joe Donahou has worked creatively to design this improvement while minimizing the environmental impact.

Doesn’t our gravel lot give us a utilities break?
It may have been so once, but now water collects in potholes or runs off. The city considers it a non-permeable surface, and we pay a storm water fee. This avoids more of it.

Will it be hard to get to the rear spaces?
The plan adds an egress onto Evans Street making it easier.

Will the city allow this?
Parish leaders and engineers met with city planners and they liked our plan, asking for only minimal changes—to our benefit in fact.

How much do we need to raise?
Based on professional estimates and allowing for material cost changes, we expect it to be under $435,000 plus any financing costs on a bridge loan.

When will we do this?
We hope to begin in June and be finished with the work by the end of August 2017. This takes into consideration the preschool use and the fact that our parking demand is a bit less in the summer.

I’m in! How can I help?
St. Michael’s has a long tradition of rolling up our sleeves and getting it done, so come to work parties, carpool and ride share during the work, and come early. Finally, this project needs to be funded, so please pray about making a generous donation.

How do I give?
You may give a one-time gift or make a one or 3-year pledge. We also accept stock gifts. You can make your pledge online; be sure to enter your pledge into the “Capital” section of the form.

What happens if I make a pledge and my financial situation changes?
A pledge is a promise, and we know circumstance can change. If you need to, contact the church office to adjust your pledge.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes! And the campaign covers three tax cycles.

What if we exceed our goal?
Hallelujah! This is being very carefully stewarded, and costs are kept low. Any additional funds will go towards repaying our construction loan first, and setting aside funds for parking lot maintenance.

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