Parking Lot Capital Campaign: Project Contacts and Details

Parking Lot Capital Campaign: Project Contacts and Details

Project Contacts

Capital Campaign Chair
Mike Stipe [email]

Joe Donahou [email]

Project Lead
Doug Birrell [email]

Senior Warden
Jody Jones Turner [email]

The Rev. Katherine Sedwick [email]
Phone: 425-392-3215

Project Details and Concerns

Paving can be an ecologically challenging option, and so we want to minimize that impact at every turn:
  • Our new lot will include reusing the existing gravel for grading.
  • Using our own previously retained fill materials for the expanded parking spots, means less new materials being mined and brought in.
  • The new lot will have curbs only around the planting beds, but not around the perimeter. This means less curbing is needed (and less added concrete).
  • An un-curbed perimeter also means rainwater is directed to flow off the edges and into the ground all the way around the property.
  • Added rain garden swales conserve and receive newly filtered water.

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